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Ways to do Hair Removal at Home

If you’re a woman, you probably have dealt with body hair which can be quite an issue, especially if you’re wearing a skirt or planning to wear a bikini on the beach. Going to a beauty salon or a beauty spa can be a quick and simple solution to get your hair removal done, but it can be quite expensive, and it also takes a lot of time to go to the place as well. Here we have listed several ways on how you can do your hair removal at your place, this will guarantee to save your money and time, and you can do everything at home, which is perfect for those who have a hectic schedule or just too lazy to go out from their room.

Buy a hair removal machine

We said that this article would save you money, and buying your waxing machine might not sound like it’ll save you money, but hear us out. Although it might cost you more than going to the salon, buying a hair removal machine for you to use is an investment, especially if you wax once every week or twice a week. Check out IPL as they provide hair removal machines for you to choose. The best part of using this device is that you can do it whenever you want in your house.

Tip: some of the device provides various scent of the wax, make sure you pick the one that fits your liking.

All natural recipe for your waxing purposesdiy recipe

Let’s say that you don’t have any money to go to the salon or to buy a hair removal machine, but you still need to wax your body hair, then do not worry. Trim your hairs few days before you’re going to wax, and all you need is a tablespoon of sugar, honey and lemon juice for your DIY waxing cream. Boil the mixture and wait for it to cool down before you spread it on your leg, arm, or wherever you want, and all you need to do is pat your waxing strip and pull away.

foamThe old traditional shaving cream

For those who are too lazy to make the waxing cream can go to the nearest supermarket to buy a shaving cream to wax your body hair. It is always safe to get the one for beards, but nowadays there are shaving creams and razors that are made for the legs, which is a perfect solution for your waxing purposes.…