Choosing and using the right curler for asian type eyelashes

Dealing with straight and short eyelashes can be problematic. It requires a lot of work and knowledge to know which products help your case the best. Such eyelashes are especially frequent among women with Asian descent. The best way to make those lashes interesting and appealing is curling them up. I’m going to share with you some tips, opinions that may help you choose eyelash curler for Asian eyes that are most fitting to your needs.


Which product to choose?

There are loads of curlers out there, but we’ll focus on two most prominent models, acclaimed and proved by many fashion bloggers as the best for your disobedient lashes: Shiseido and Shu Uemura. They both come from Japanese companies, so they are targeted to Asian audiences.


is considered to be more fitting for smaller, shorter and more deeply set eyes because of its shorter, but more widely set pinchers. It takes a few lashes with it, but this is far less as compared to usual products. It also tends to give stronger,
more flashy curl. It is still quite a novelty product, viewed as a fresh and exciting thing. Shiseido comes in glossy black, looking quite flashy in your fashion itinerary.

Shu Uemura

is a classic product that has been in existence in the market for a fairly long time. Most professionals seem to use and like it. Its construction is a bit longer but doesn’t reach quite as deep as Shiseido so it should work better with larger, more shallowly positioned eyes. Most users praise its silicon pad as being delicate and usually preventing any lash fallout. However, there are no replacements available for them.

You should choose the product based on the shape and size of your eyes.However, it’s all very personal as Shiseido can serve you better even if you have large eyes. It would be best to try them both out, but that’s still a better starting point than sampling hundreds of brands.


How to give lashes a proper curl

Choosing a proper curler is only half the job. Here comes the hard part; the very part that is crucial for how your eyelashes come out. First and foremost, don’t press pinchers together too hard as this can damage your lashes and hurt you. Shu Uemura comes with little metal blockers serving as failsafe to prevent more enthusiastic users from doing that.

The technique is simple, but should always be applied carefully and thoroughly. First, you firmly clasp the base of your eyelashes with pinchers and then slightly tilt them upwards for the upper lashes and downwards for the lower ones. Be sure to grab all your lashes and make corrections when necessary. When you’re done with that, proceed to the middle part and the top of the lashes, always making sure everything is evenly curled and looks good. It may seem a little scary in the beginning but if you are careful and use the mirror, everything should work out just fine.


Love your beauty

Although Asian lashes are considered as hard to work with and sometimes not as naturally pretty as others, they have their charm. Choosing the right eyelash curlers for Asian eyes as well as other products, helps showcase and underline the fact
that they possess natural beauty comparable to any other type of eyelashes.…