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Based on traditional & original materials mainly from the Middle east and Mediterrannean area, Yamma ensemble follows the roots of the Israeli traditional music long way back.
Exploring the birth of an Israeli traditional music, the ensemble discovers that the early songs of Israel derived from ancient Jewish biblical poetry, from the Jewish communities that were scattered all over the world as well from the first European immigrants that created a fascinating mix between east and west.
The music of Yamma has a major Middle Eastern influence combined with a contemporary western music.

Educational workshops / residencies

Yamma Conducts a wide range of educational events: informational sessions, training workshops and communities residencies for groups of all ages.
An educational program includes presentation of middle eastern typical instruments, the historical background of our Jewish heritage , its development with demographic changes, accompanied by appropriate examples. participation is encouraged!
For more information and to develop a program that would fit your curatorial vision please contact Talya G.A Solan.

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Background photo: Roee Fainburg