Best heated rollers in 2017

Heated hair curlers and rollers are some of the most sought after hair styling and beauty tools today. They are used to straighten and curl the hair. Whenever you buy heated hair curlers, your hair type and length should be the guiding principle. Furthermore, you also need to do your homework and choose a heated roller that is perfect for your needs and budget.

Features and specifications that make a heated roller tick

There is a number of things to check for when rating a heated roller. The first feature to check for is the heating technology. We have wax, ceramic and sponge heated rollers. Each of these heated rollers is good for a specific type of hair. You should also consider the ability of the heated roller to curl your hair however short or long it may be. There are some rollers that will provide curls of different lengths in various parts of the head and there are others that will provide curls of the same length throughout the head. Personal preference supersedes what everyone else is saying here, but it is good to go for multipurpose heated rollers. Their versatility will serve you right throughout the various levels of growth of your hair.

External features of the best-heated rollers

2The external features of the best-heated roller for you also depends on the features of your hair and your specific hair styling needs. Rollers come in various sizes. The size of the roller determines the quality and strength of the curls it provides. Large rollers provide undulating curls while smaller ones provide tight curls. The weight of the roller is also an important factor especially when you are looking for a roller to use while you travel. Also, you cannot consider the weight of a roller without thinking of the material that it is made of. Aluminum heated rollers are good, just like ceramic ones, but they have different pros and cons.

Key indicators of quality- user reviews

User reviews are essential indicators of the performance of a heated roller. Some heated rollers may not run true to their manufacturer’s descriptions and therefore it is better to get information from experts and real users on what they are capable of doing and what they are not. When you read user reviews, pay particular attention to the ease of use of a specific heated roller. A sophisticated curler may not serve you right, especially if you are using it at home. There are simply heated rollers that will work for every hair type and you can easily get one of such rollers. For instance, you need a curler that firmly grips the hair easily cools and slips out of the hair once it is done. Overall, look for a 5-star rated heated rollers than narrow them down to your specific needs.


3If you have been looking for the best heated rollers 2017, you must have come across the TRESemme 3039U, BaByliss 3045U, Nicky Clarke NHS005 and BaByliss Pro 20 heated rollers. Some people have also expressed a strong desire in the Diva Professional Styling Stay, BaByliss Pro 30 and BaByliss 3133U. These are some of the heated rollers that have been used widely in all parts of the world. You should consider the factors mentioned above before you decide which one of them suits you best.

Post Author: Ronald Dang