All You Need To Know About Sandals


Sandals are an ideal footwear to both women and men. If you want to buy a pair of sandals, then you need to know some basic things about them.

Various types of sandals

Sandals come in different forms, and all of them can be worn with different outfits and on different occasions.

Hiking sandals


The prominent of features of these type of sandals are rugged outsoles, stiff midsoles, and straps which go around the foot. These sandals are designed in a way to protect the feet and provide stability when walking on rocks and other rugged trails. As their name suggests, they are worn when you go out for hiking.

Water shoes

Another type of sandal of is water resistant and light in weight. Their design makes them provide the feet protection when undertaking activities like rafting, walking on the beach and fording rivers.

Closed toe

These are toe shoe which is meant to protect your toe from obstacles and debris. Closed toe sandals are perfect for those carrying out navigation in old city streets. They can also be worn when you are out on light hiking activities.

Fashion sandals

As their name suggests, fashion sandals are meant to enhance your look. Such sandals rarely offer protection or support. These sandals are best worn during summer luncheons and weddings to give you an outstanding look.

Flip flop sandals

These are simple sandals with rubber soles with V-shaped strap which fits between the toes. These sandals provide little support and may cause pain on the ball of the foot if worn for long. They are best when going for a short excursion. You may also consider these types of sandals when going to the beach or pool.

How to buy the best sandals

To get the right and comfortable sandals, you should take note of some factors.


You need to consider the material from which the sandals are made. Materials such as leather are high quality and thus make long lasting sandals. The material used will vary depending on the area where you intend to use your sandals. Nylon webbing and straps can be used to make sandals used in water activities.


sandalsleftasdcfvgbhfnm,gSandals should be comfortable thus you need to settle for sandals that fit you well. When buying sandals ensure the sole of your sandals are bigger than the foot but not hanging at the same time. Also, ensure the toe box fits comfortably to accommodate all the parts of your foot.

These are the basic things you need to know before you can buy sandals to help you get the right sandals.